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2_lines_post's Journal

two lines, a postcard, and a million lives
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A million lives can be changed by a few words...

If you don't like the idea, you don't have to be here, it's simple as that.

2_lines_post is about taking a great community 2_lines and giving it a creative twist. It's like lime Pepsi. We aren't sharing secrets, we're sharing a part of ourselves.

This is plain and simple and painless, you are allowed two lines per postcard. No more, no less. Please stay with just two lines or two complete sentences. Use punctuation so we all know where one line ends and another begins.

This will be slow at first since postcards need to be made and sent out but save your best 2_lines for a postcard and if you see something in 2_lines that should be a postcard, please tell the user and hopefully he/she will listen to you and do just that!

Any and all subjects.

No advertising other communities or websites.

I have no qualms about removing anyone. Please play nice and have fun.

That's not much to ask, right?

Get ready to get creative!

Moderated by babybeaver.